Updating your dotBox 220W

Date: April 2022

Here at dotmod we strive for continual and ongoing process and product improvements to deliver the highest quality and most enjoyable premium products possible for our customer’s needs. Because of this we have recently released a software update that is intended to resolve the battery detection problems with your dotBox 220W. For more information on this update please reach out to our Customer Service team at customerservice@dotmod.com


* This update is only available for Windows Computers.


Installing the MCU IAP TOOLS software
  1. Download and install the update program “MCU IAP TOOLS” (Only available for Windows), and unzip the .hex file to your desktop or another location you can easily accessible
  2. Open the MCU IAP TOOLS program on a Windows computer
  3. Select the .hex file to be flashed to the mod from the location you unzipped it to



Updating your device

  1. Place both batteries into your device while leaving one battery slightly disconnected
  2. Connect the dotBox 220w to the computer with a USB-C cable that is data capable
  3. Once the dotBox 220w is connected, press, and hold the +&- buttons simultaneously while installing the second battery


The program should recognize the device and you will see STM32 USB IAP appear in the top drop down of the program


If the program does not recognize the device, please repeat step 3 (Updating your device)
Once the program recognizes the device select the run button and the update should be completed in a few seconds.

Once the update completes you will receive a popup notification of " Download file successfully! " when the device resets the connection

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