dotSquonk Cleaning, Installation, and Electrode Removal Instructions

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is for advanced users only. This is a mechanical (not regulated) mod, intended for use by experienced vapers, and requires regular maintenance.

Improper use, transport, or storage may cause fire or explosion. The operational range of the resistance is from 0.1 ohm to 3.0 ohm. Do not build below 0.1 ohm resistance. Use at your own risk and take appropriate precautions when using this device.This product is for advanced users only.***

dotSquonk Cleaning Instructions:

1. Remove bottle and battery (leave RDA on mod)
2. Carefully remove c-clamp by gripping it with pliers or tweezers
3. C-clamp is removed
4. Unscrew RDA
5. Push electrode up and out of the hole
6. Electrode is removed
7. Wipe electrode as best as possible (some wear will most likely be visible)
8. Roll paper towel as thin as possible
9. Insert rolled end of paper towel through the hole. Pull with pliers or tweezers to get it as snug as possible without getting it stuck
10. Remove paper towel. (You can see the dirt that came off of mine, and that's only after 3 days of use since the last time I cleaned it)
11. Put electrode back in place. Can take a little of a push until you feel it fully secure back in. Just be careful and don't use too much force
12. Screw RDA back on
13. Position c-clamp with pliers or tweezers
14. Snap it into place by just pushing down on it with the flat tips of the tweezers or pliers (as shown in picture)
Live Demonstration:

dotSquonk Installation Step Diagram:

1. Remove bottle door
2. Remove dotBottle
3. Remove battery
5. & 6. Fit dotBottle hose around the electrode and insert dotBottle
7. Place 18650 battery negative-side down into battery adaptor(sleeve)
8. & 9. Place battery and/or adaptor into dotSquonk positive-side up
10. Place bottle door back onto dotSquonk

Electrode Removal Diagram:

1. Remove c-clamp with tweezers
2. Unscrew RDA
3. Push electrode up
4. Remove electrode to either clean or replace
5. Re-insert the cleaned or replacement electrode
6. Screw on RDA
7. Place c-clamp back in place with tweezers (allotted groove on the electrode)
8. Snap c-clamp back on with the back of tweezers
9. Check to ensure c-clamp is properly secure
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